Screaming from the rooftops

I have been so excited about this site discovery I feel like I want to squeal and need to share. This website finds you sales you would never find and takes you to them. It is a gift of the web!💚🏧 

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A reminder.

“Honey, that challenge was made for you. It might hurt, but it will also nurture wisdom, courage, and character. I can see what you’re going through, and it’s big. But I can also see your strength, and that’s even bigger. This won’t be easy, but we can do hard things.” 

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Meet JuJu and Memes

Boys will always, no matter what, be boys. 

This is JuJu and Memes. Joey and James. JuJu was bestowed upon Joey by his Uncle Garth and smart Joey has adopted it as his own. JuJu bestowed James the name Memes all by his 25 month old self because again…smart.  Memes and JuJu are buds. The type of buds their moms foresee existing long into the future. Of course that could change. Ya know, life. Maybe one day they will be sitting across from one another’s dinner table chatting about who their longest friend is and it will be each other. Maybe it’s their mothers circumstances that have brought them closer. Both moms are home. They get the kids together at least once a week for fun and usually free adventures and because the boys get along and watching them together brings joy. Two peas in a pod…JuJu and Memes. Moms, Marie and Sarah and these are their, adventures in Mommyhood.