Where have we been?!?

Outside. We’ve been outside. From the second he wakes up until the second I make him come in, Memes wants to be outside. It’s fine with me. We just wander. He’s pretty much the Mayor of the Neighborhood. 
In other news,The Avenue at White Marsh has started up their Tots at 10 program again. The first Thursday of every month they close off the central part of the avenue and let the Tots run amuck. Each event has a different theme. Today’s was Ravens and Orioles complete with pictures with the birds (no, we did not get any. The line was insane but I noticed it did move fast). Every Tots at 10 there are businesses set up throughout offering coupons, goodies, and kid activities. IKEA had a tent set up with a play rug and a bunch of there great toys (#love). Kids First Swim had buckets of bubbles, there’s always the tot sized soccer goals set up with plenty of balls to kick around. The restaurants offer deals aplenty. It really is a fun event and something we look forward to. Here’s June’s event-Tots @ 10

I almost forgot (how could I?!)….The Avenue has done a HUGE revamp. Turf area( ice skating rink in winter!),stage, swinging bench chairs, football table, lounge like seating. It is sooooooo chill. Head up there these summer evenings, grab a Coldstone, and cop a squat. 😊


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