All aboard…the Storyville Train

Today the boys went to Storyville Woodlawn. JuJu has been here before,Memes has frequented Storyville Rosedale but this was his first at Woodlawn. 

They have more  things for  your Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!) to do : A large magnet board where they can design their own rooms. A lego table. A large magnet wall where the kids can move PVC piping and wooden slats to roll balls down. It’s just like the one at the Science Center. There’s “Toddler” Woods with peek through windows, complete with artificial animal sitings. There’s a tree (!) with wind up stairs leading to a tree house (how cool is that?!) There’s a fairy tale book area complete with larger than life story book pages that can be turned for different backgrounds and dress up clothes so the children can tell their own stories. 
And there’s a train. Need I say more ??

Things that make you go 🤔: The layout is more compact than Rosedale but this does not mean there is any limit on the fun. The walk to the door from the parking lot is a little bit of a hike so be prepared weather wise. There must be 1 adult to every 3 children so if you’re planning on bringing your four or more kids keep that in mind. 

Both Storyville’s have-, a large reading room, computers to check out books right there,  a house with an upstairs, a kitchen with all the fixins’, a grocery store and mail room, an area for infants only. 

We are so lucky to have places like this right in our county. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

So grateful for Baltimore County Public Library 

Link to Storyville


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